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We pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce every time, on our relationships we have formed with our supporters, our stealth reputation in this industry, our safety practices and our strong work ethics. This is what makes Sofa Tech the best in the industry.

What Is Upholstery?

The art of upholstery has been recorded as far back as the 17th, it is thought to have evolved from tent making and it really was the preserve of the wealthy to begin with. Back then there were lots of regulations around the standard of the work, and the materials that may be used, there were even fines dished out for upholstery that didn’t reach the standards set by the governing guild!

Stitched edging changed the game, allowing much more range in shape as the padding was able to be sloped, it was still a fine art practice, and you can see some pieces from this era still looking great in museums today.

In Egypt it was traditional practice to fix animal skins over a rigid frame, later on they added a little comfort with all sorts of different padding including the use of horsehair and goose down.

The industrial revolution in the 20th century switched things up as different synthetics became available, this is when upholsterers began using moulded sponge rubber as a way to create form – and to increase comfort. This period also saw developments in fabric protection with retardants starting to be used to keep fabrics clean and help them last longer. 

At Sofa Tech we believe in breathing new life into your upholstered furnishings, and when it comes to upholstery repairs NZ service, we want to provide the very best. Really good upholstery repair stands the test of time, and while your sofa may not end up in a museum, we want to make sure it lasts long enough to be a valued item in your home.

Furniture Upholstery Repairs NZ

Our Furniture & Upholstery Repairs


When you are looking for upholstery repairs NZ services for seams that may have come unstitched, it’s important to look for a company that has the right equipment for the job. Sofa Tech has a broad range of tools and techniques, and we can promise a seam repair that will look great on the day but will also weather well. Our team works with all sorts of materials, so if your leather sofa repair needs to be sorted out on the same day as a linen chair needs a seam restitched, we can do both - and we can come to you.


Nothing makes the heart sink like realising that your guest with the fancy studded belt has just left a nasty rip in your fabulous leather couch. This kind of rip can easily result in tears! Before you get out your sewing kit and try to repair it yourself, stop. Rips and tears in your upholstery are sometimes better repaired from the underneath of the fabric, this means you need to remove the fabric, and this is something that is obviously best sorted out by an expert. Did you know that upholstery repairs favourites Sofa Tech can give you an approximate quote just by looking at photos of the damage? You can email us with a couple of pictures and we will get right back to you to let you know what’s possible, and provide a fairly precise idea of what it will cost.

Reviving Your Favourite Furniture

Sofa Tech loves to take an old favourite and give it a makeover. Some pieces you have in your home have a nostalgic value, they may be heirlooms, or they could simply be exactly the right shape for that space. Whatever the reason, upholstery repairs favourite Sofa Tech are the team to call when you want to rejuvenate a tired piece of furniture.  There are a number of ways we can revive your furniture with an upholstery repair, from a total refurbishment to piecemeal repair.
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Oftentimes a sofa gets a lot more wear in one spot, we are after all creatures of habit! If you have a lot of wear in one area of your sofa but still like the fabric, our upholstery repairs NZ team can take a look at whether it might be possible to remove a section and match the upholstery fabric for a seamless repair. We can repair damage from your pet having a go with its claws – or teeth – and there are some smaller sectional repairs we can do when a spring has gone or a particular area has slumped a bit.


The key with small repairs is to make sure you engage upholstery repairs favourite Sofa Tech. When you look at a small repair job and think it looks simple (you may have some stitching skills, you may have even covered a dining chair at some point), be aware that oftentimes it may turn out to be a lot trickier than it seems. When it comes to replacing springs or padding or repairing some seat webbing that has slumped, you are going to need to have the skills to remove your upholstery fabric, perhaps piping and studs, and then get everything back into place at the end. Even if you manage to fix the webbing, it’s really easy to end up with a wonky piece of furniture once it’s all been put back in place. Padding is notoriously difficult to work with, and even the best seamstress may find that restitching hessian backing hard up against a wooden frame is something best left to the furniture repair NZ experts at Sofa Tech! Basically, when it comes down to it furniture repair is a specialised art form, the furniture repair NZ team at Sofa Tech are fully equipped with the tools that are required to ensure your small fix doesn’t turn into a big mess.

If you have any doubt about the outcome of your small repair job please get in touch. Email us a couple of pictures and we can give you a quote.

Sofa Tech offers furniture repair NZ work in your own home, and if it’s possible to get the job done without having to haul your piece out we are happy to pop over. We aim to get your piece back in circulation fast so that you experience minimal disruption.


If you have a furniture repair NZ job that extends beyond a simple fix the team at Sofa Tech have you covered, literally! We love to work on a complete overhaul for your treasured pieces. Our skills and experience cover a broad range of upholstery disciplines, and we work across the full range of requirements necessary to revive your sofa, suite or chair. This means we can take your sofa apart and repair the frame, we can remove rusted and broken springs – and replace or repair broken or degraded webbing. 

Our furniture repair NZ professionals are able to address any rusting or bending of mechanical features, and we are great at oiling and resetting moving parts that have seen better days. We have experts on our furniture repairs NZ team that can repair electrical features that are built into your furniture, safely, and in line with regulatory practices. We can work on broken triggers in your recliner, and fix broken sofa arms and chair legs to a high standard every time. Once the inner workings of your piece have been properly restored and repaired our furniture repairs NZ crew have the skills and experience to boost the existing foam, or cut and replace with new foam to give your furniture back its fullness.

We then work on the exterior, a complete recovery may be necessary in which case you can have some fun with choosing new fabrics and materials, plus special features such as piping, beading, fringing and studs. We can work to a certain period, or we can update your piece in a more contemporary style. 

Our furniture repair NZ professionals are able to work with a large range of materials and fabrics to recover your furniture, including wool, hemp, linen, acrylic, silk, cotton, leather, acetate, acrylic, polypropylene, raylon and nylon. When you have a piece of furniture in your home that has seen better days but you still love it, don’t replace it. Get in touch with Sofa Tech for furniture repair NZ’ers rely on. We can come to you, and we are able to work fast in your own home to revive and rejuvenate your favourite pieces. 

Get in touch today on 0800 7632 8324 to chat about breathing life into your favourite pieces with the furniture repair NZ’ers turn to more often for total refurbishment.

Furniture Upholstery Repairs and Revivals

Let us take care of your well-loved upholstery and return it back to new. From repaired broken stitching to replacing collapsed foam for a comfier seat, we can assess the damage and come up with an appropriate high-quality fix for pretty much any damage or wear and tear.

We have 20+ years of upholstery expertise to renew your materials back to their best.

We can expertly clean many materials of upholstery to rid them of any stubborn stains.

Recolouring is an option if you would like to change the look of your lounge without changing your suite.

Replace your frayed, unstitched, torn or scratched upholstery for a fresh start that will last.



Upholstery refers to the materials, fabrics, springs and stuffings that complete a furniture piece like a chair, sofa, cushions, etc. Upholstery repair includes the care and repair and all aspects of fabric, stitching and stuffing that may have aged or become damaged.
We work with many materials including cotton, leather, wool, linen, hemp, silk, nylon, raylon, acrylic, polypropylene and acetate.
The prices vary greatly between furniture pieces and the scope of the damage. We offer free consults to private customers and free, no-obligation quotes of the job at hand so there are no nasty surprises and you can decide it is within your budget or not.
Absolutely! We can fix just one part of your set and make sure it looks like it’s still at home with its matching suite.
Contact us now. If it’s broke, we fix it!
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