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Leather Sofa Repairs And Recolouring Service In NZ

When Do I Need Leather Recolouring?

Taking care of your leather sofa, furniture and your leather car seats comes down to a few different factors and leather sofa repairs can be avoided for a good amount of time if you are vigilant with your leather upholstery. We are going to give you a few tips here to extend the life of your leather upholstery.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

When you purchase a piece of leather furniture there are a few things you can do to extend the life of the piece, the first thing Sofa Tech recommends is that you limit exposure to direct sunlight.

Choosing a spot in your home for your leather sofa that can be shielded from direct sunlight may delay a call to your sofa recolouring NZ experts for a good period of time. When it comes to your vehicle the need for leather recolouring may crop up sooner – especially if you don’t keep your car in a garage.

Leather furniture will fade and crack much faster if you don’t ensure it is placed where it can be shielded by a curtain or blind. So when you purchase a leather sofa or suite for your home, you may also want to think about the kind of window fixtures you have in that particular room. Even shielding direct sunlight with a net curtain may go some way towards delaying a call to the sofa recolouring NZ professionals.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Shifts

Along with exposure to direct sun another way to keep your leather furniture and car upholstery pristine for as long as possible is to make sure it’s not placed where the temperature drops or shifts suddenly on a regular basis.

If you want to avoid a visit to the leather sofa repairs NZ team at Sofa Tech you should make sure you are not ramping up the heating in a room that is going to suddenly freeze when you turn the heater off. Treat your leather sofa or upholstery to a spot where it can enjoy moderate temperatures most of the time. 

This means as much as you love that fantasy of a roaring fire and a leather chesterfield with a cosy rug, the roaring fire is going to send you to the sofa recolouring NZ experts at Sofa Tech a lot faster. The same holds true for placing your leather sofa directly under an air conditioning unit. 

Think of your leather pieces like skin, they need the same care, and that means making sure they are not exposed to extremes in temperature, extreme shifts in temperature, and you need to think about using a dedicated moisturiser.

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Leather Repair + Recolouring

We can recolour and repair your leather right in your own home – meaning you don’t have to go without your leather couch for long! 

Our qualified leather technician, Jason, and his team are in hot demand for their ability to turn back time on your leather suite and inject softness and colour back into your worn or sun-damaged leather.

Use Proper Leather Cleaning Products!

Your leather sofa or suite is an investment in a classic or contemporary feel for your home that speaks to quality. Be sure that when you purchase a piece that is timeless and elegant that you spend a little extra on cleaning products specifically designed to address the type of leather you have in your home.

Pets And Your Leather Furniture

That fantasy with the leather sofa, the roaring fire, the cosy rug…does it include a hound curled up next to you on your leather furniture? If you want your pet snuggled up next to you you will need to be extra vigilant with your leather care. A lot of the leather repairs we perform are due to pet damage. Along with the desire to scratch at your upholstery, your pet has oils in their fur that can discolour and even permanently damage your leather upholstery. Even if your dog or cat is very well behaved, they still have claws! It’s fairly easy for a snag or scratch to happen accidentally - this will need to be repaired right away. We recommend you never leave a rip or tear in your leather upholstery, as it will only get worse. If your furry friend wants to snuggle up for your evening cuddle, look at popping their favourite blanket on the seat. This will help protect your coating, and potentially avoid any little claw scratches or nicks.

Repairing Your Treasured Leather Pieces

At Sofa Tech we cover a broad range of sofa and furniture repairs.  When it comes to leather sofa repairs,  customers that find us are always going to finish up happy customers! Leather sofa repairs require a specific set of skills and the right tools and experience, at Sofa Tech we approach every job with a Kiwi can-do attitude - if it’s broken, we can fix it! Leather that has been taken care of properly will still age, it’s all about ageing well, and there is something quite lovely about an older leather piece that has been taken care of properly. To ensure your leather repairs are taken care of properly it pays to be proactive. At Sofa Tech we recommend that any tears, rips or stains are addressed right away. Don’t sit on damage to your leather sofa, chair or car upholstery. Like the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine!

Don’t Try This At Home!

When you need leather repairs NZ wide, it may be tempting to head to the internet to scope out some DIY options. Sofa Tech believes Kiwi’s are capable people with lots of great skills, however, we have seen too many DIY leather sofa repairs go wrong. This is a highly specialised arena, and we have staff that are specifically trained to ensure that your leather repairs NZ experience ends in a repair that actually enhances your piece! Stitching leather is a job for leather repair professionals, stitching repair on leather is not recommended as a DIY project as it can damage the core underneath, you must approach a rip or tear with dedicated equipment and specific skills. Leather repairs NZ specialists Sofa Tech will ensure that all your tears and rips are completed to a high standard, this means you are not going to be sitting there a week later watching the damaged area open up again after you snag it with a toe or a belt buckle! When it comes to a leather sofa repair that requires the upholstery be removed, reach for the phone not a stanley knife.  Sofa Tech can repair sagging or cracked frames, and we can refill your leather sofa evenly across the arms and back. Our leather sofa repair experts can fix torn webbing and we can reassemble it again afterwards - including the piping and studs.


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Yep. If your cat has had a go at your leather or it’s been damaged in some way, we can repair individual damage points so it’s like the damage never happened.
While some miracles do happen, this one is a bit of a stretch. We have coloured browns to blues, tans to whites and greys, but black to white is not a change we recommend.

Different types of leather and finishes require different types of care, and different types of spills and stains will need a specific approach - you don’t clean pen off leather upholstery the same way you would clean off pasta sauce.

The team at Sofa Tech are the sofa repairs NZ experts, we repair and recolour and we are also here to help you pinpoint your best next move when your leather upholstery has sustained a spill or some damage. 

It's better to give us a call immediately if you are unsure about how to care for or clean your leather piece properly.

Sofa Tech are here to provide leather recolouring when your sofa, suite or chairs are in need of a rejuvenating treatment. You can be certain you are taking care of your leather pieces properly if you start taking care of them as soon as you bring them home.

Begin by dusting your leather upholstery regularly with a dry cloth, this can be done once a week when you are whipping around with the vacuum cleaner.

Purchase a good leather soap, you can use just a little on a damp cloth and run the cloth over the upholstery.

Be certain that you dry your leather piece properly! Use a soft cloth and run it over, don’t rub at it.

Moisturise your leather regularly to avoid leather recolouring. A good conditioning cream will be an essential part of staving off a visit to your sofa recolouring NZ service providers. 

A new suite may not need cleaning and conditioning until 6 months down the track, we recommend cleaning and conditioning your suite every 6 months - or every 3 months if you have children in the house.

Apply a decent coat and let it sit and soak into the leather. A good guide is you should be buying a new conditioning and cleaning kit every 1-1.5 years.

If you can follow these tips your leather pieces will have a good life span before you need to think about recolouring. 

When you do need to recolour please call the professionals, at Sofa Tech we can make sure that your leather recolouring NZ service is carried out properly, a bad recolouring job is not easy to repair - so do it once and do it right!

Contact us now. If it’s broke, we fix it!
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