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We pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce every time, on our relationships we have formed with our supporters, our stealth reputation in this industry, our safety practices and our strong work ethics. This is what makes Sofa Tech the best in the industry.

Why Repair?

When it comes to furniture repairs  Sofa Tech are ahead of the game. So, why repair? Why not go ahead and replace your current furniture?

There are a few good reasons to upgrade your furniture with Sofa Tech, and it’s not all about money. You might repair for nostalgia, to keep a piece that fits a room particularly well – or to support your ethical desire to reduce waste.

Furniture For Life

Did you know when you decide to extend the life of a sofa or other furniture item in your home or office you reduce your carbon footprint?

In the old days everyone worked hard to keep items in circulation for as long as possible, this way of living has been somewhat pushed to the side in the time since mass production took hold, but here at Sofa Tech we love to take your tired furniture and give it a second chance to shine! When you are looking at sofa repairs you may also be considering how rejuvenating an older piece is going to reduce the need for a factory to be pumping smoke out into the atmosphere. It’s pretty easy to give a nod to the planet while updating your living room. And yes, money! Rejuvenating and repairing an existing sofa, lounge suite or favourite chair can come in substantially cheaper than going out and buying something new.

When you choose a sofa repair NZ option at Sofa Tech you are going to be able to access some very specific colours and patterns for your sofa refurb, this means you can create a really cohesive living space, you can even match your sofa to the drapes.  Sofa Tech are also the experts to call when your leather upholstery needs a refresh – that includes your car!

If It Ain't Broke!

Well, if you are getting in touch with the furniture repairs company that prides itself on being the best in the business, there’s a good chance that it IS broke. 

But just because a piece has a lowered function, or it’s seen better days, doesn’t mean you should get rid of it.

The furniture we live with and use every day is a big part of our lives – think of all the good times you have had on your sofa, what about all those special family moments shared on that lounge suite? Get in touch with the experts in sofa repairs – and don’t be too quick to discount the joy of a lived-in (or on) piece of furniture. 

Whether you are dealing with a structural repair, scratches from a loved pet, or maybe the stuffing in your favourite chair needs plumping up. No matter what the repair issue is, our staff are trained to show you where we can breathe new life into old pieces.

You may be surprised what Sofa Tech can achieve with your old favourites. If you are looking to replace an item, you should take a moment to get in touch with Sofa Tech, we are happy to talk you through your options for furniture repair.


What Kinds Of Furniture Repairs Do Sofa Tech Do?

Reframing Your Sofa or Chair

If you have a structural repair that needs to be addressed then you will need to remove your upholstery and padding. This means you will need to put them back on again - or replace them. At Sofa Tech we are trained across upholstery, frame work, and foam boosting, this means we can cover every step of the frame repair process. To deal with a damaged or sagging frame you may want to engage with the furniture repairs company with the right experience. Reframing is a comprehensive repair, and there may also be a need to replace springs once you get to the interior, so it’s imperative that you hire someone who knows what needs to be done across the whole process - and in what order.

A Stitch In Time

When it comes to stitching repairs, the team at Sofa Tech have all the tools and equipment to come at your repair job from the right angle. Whether you are dealing with a seam, a tear, or a rip in your favourite upholstered or leather piece, it’s always better to talk to the leading experts in furniture repairs NZ has to offer. There are plenty of DIY videos and tutorials on the internet that will lead you to believe you can do a pro job on your furniture, however, a professional job is usually only done by a professional! Sofa Tech recommends you send us a few photos of the damage before you try and fix it yourself, oftentimes a DIY job - especially with leather upholstery - ends up creating more work, and you may even damage your piece beyond repair. For the sofa repairs NZ trusts, call Sofa Tech. Do it once, do it right!

Replacement Of Mechanical And Electrical Parts

When you think of sofa/furniture repairs you may not immediately think of mechanical repairs, however many contemporary pieces, and some antiques, include moving parts. This is specialised repair work and the Sofa Tech team are on board to fix your reclining chair or modular sofa - or your couch that includes a sound system! Whether you need a complete mechanical overhaul or your furniture repair job comes down to a few screws being rusted out, you may still need to remove the padding and upholstery in order to diagnose and fix the problem. If your chair has electrical features to raise it up and lay it back, or built-in speakers, you will also need to hire someone with electrical knowledge. It’s always best to go with someone qualified when you are dealing with electrical repairs, as wires put back in the wrong place up against padding and upholstery can spell real danger. Sofa Tech are also able to maintain and replace the triggers on your recliner, whether you have a release pull or cable and spring trigger.  While lots of furniture repair companies may be able to remove and replace your padding, perhaps even upgrade your upholstery, they may not have the skills to perform a mechanical or electrical repair. At Sofa Tech we are trained across all of these skills - and more - so you don’t need to look for someone else to come and finish the job.

Total Scratch And Tear Repairs

There are always going to be scratches and tears on your furniture eventually, the trick is to stay on top of things. If you have just moved house and ended up with scratched up wood work or a tear across the seat of your sofa, Sofa Tech are the where you go first for furniture repairs NZ.

We come to you, so you don’t have to risk further damage to your treasured furnishings by hauling them back out into the street and onto a truck or trailer. We can also give you a quote really quickly if you send us through a few photographs, and give us an idea of what you are hoping to achieve.

We love our animals like they are our children, but sometimes we wish we had kept them away from the furniture from day one! If your cat or dog likes to scratch or chew on your beloved couch or favourite chair it may be looking a little worse for wear!

For sofa repairs NZ wide people are looking to Sofa Tech to repair the damage pets have inflicted on their furniture. We are able to make qualified repairs to the entire piece, from the springs to the piping. 

You will be amazed at the restoration and repairs that may be possible when you put your work in the hands of the professionals at Sofa Tech.

Sofa Tech are your furniture repair NZ experts, let’s get your sofa fixed up and looking smart!

100% Mobile Home Furniture Repairs

From full frame repairs or replacements to minor repairs – we can fix your furniture in a quick home visit to save you time and money on replacing the piece altogether. 90% of our work can be completed within your own home without having to take anything away with us for your convenience.

If it’s broke, we fix it: Stitching Repairs, Foam Boost, Arm & Back Refill, Webbing Replacement, Leather Re Colour, Leather Repairs, Total Scratch And Tear Repairs, Frame Realignment, Broken Legs & Arms, Replacement Of Mechanical And Electrical Parts, Triggers, Lift Chairs, Upholstery Repairs, disability chairs to name just a few!

Lift Chair Repairs

If you are using a Lift Chair at home this may be an essential piece of furniture for your health and well-being. It’s a good idea to service your Lift Chair from time to time to head off any issues occurring spontaneously. When you need assistance to ensure your Lift Chair remains in good condition, you are best off calling on the company for furniture repair NZ’ers rely on to get the job done properly. We can come to your home and assess, repair, or maintain your Lift Chair. Whether it’s a tear in the upholstery, or a complete mechanical overhaul, Sofa Tech have the tools and the know-how to get you back in the saddle as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Arm & Back Refill

Many older sofas suffer from a bit of sag or bunching in the filling, if you couple this with a few tears in the upholstery your sofa will definitely look as if it’s seen better days. It’s amazing what replacing the fill in the arms and back can achieve. Your sofa repair NZ experts at Sofa Tech can remove the upholstery, bulk up your fill evenly and then reapply or replace your upholstery and piping.  If your sofa is looking tired get in touch with Sofa Tech to discuss how you can refresh it. You might be surprised at the vast improvement in appearance possible when you choose to place your furniture repair with a Sofa Tech team!

Disability Chairs

Disability chairs come in all shapes and sizes and they are sometimes tailored to the very specific needs of the user. When something needs to be repaired on your Disability Chair you want it done right and you want it done fast. At Sofa Tech we can repair your Disability Chair in your own home, we also take care of Dental Chair repairs and we can fix your Body Massage Sofa.
Contact us now. If it’s broke, we fix it!
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